Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Dance

Omg!!! I had a dance not to long ago and I was the only formal dressed person there!!! It was really emberissing....
On the bright side thogh, this one guy commented on how cute I was. I blushed...hehe. Lol, since I wasnt dressed right, I diddnt dance at friend forced me to LOL!!!
Anyway, my mom has a boyfriend which I am angry about becuse she has been writing to him every week and we got five letters total forme her in six weeks!!! Hopefully she will write in the next couple of days, probably not.
Sometimes I just get so angry at her that I just have to write on Cloaked in Emotions. Oh!!! And I almost forgot! I have a new friend on facebook, im not going to say names or anything but she is like my most awsomest friend ever!!! My aunt says that maybe when she gets to know her parents and her, she will let her spend the night with me...I cant wait!!
Ok, well thats all I have to say for now but not forever!!! See you later!!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

A Horribal Weekend.

Oh great...another horribal weekend.The only thing i need is some vacation and some time away frome my two lil sisters, (drama queen...phyico) and a lil time to myself...

I cant wait till Halloween comes by, although i wanted to be something that was dead....

instead I'm stuck with being a gypsy, just my luck....ah, oh well... at least I'm not going as myself with no costume at all.

i had a horrible day at school today... i asked gunner if he was one of Jerry's kids and because he was bullying Eric who is nothing but a hopeless kid who smells very bad (no offence) and had probably been bullied since he was in kindergarten.
i feel so sorry for him so that's why i stuck up for him because i was once like that too. Anyways,
gunner said "who the #^@& is that???" then i said....
"He is this one guy who makes fundraisers for mental challenged people."
Of course he came back with this great come-back that i should have seen coming... then i got burned....
Then, i was fooling around with my friend and got in trouble by the bus driver when my friend knew i was just playing.
Finally, i came home. You wouldn't believe what i was playing with my sister (phsico) on chess and well apparently, she has issues to where she loses, she goes crazy and quits...well i told her that she cant move the pawn to attack sideways or up and down, well then she got mad and about issues.
Well, i shouldn't be talking...i have major issues, but still.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

About my life....

Well, let me start out with my life, I'm just a simple teen who has been neglected by my mother (Pill Popper)...before we came to my aunts (JM) house, I've been living with my mom who is a drug addict.

You wouldn't believe all the times she has been passed out in bed with my sisters ( Drama Queen and Psycho.) From all the drugs she has been on...literally PASSED OUT!

Then there is my dad (Strike Out) who has been doing nothing to help my mom, get our house live able again or be there for me and my sisters.....and keeps putting ALL the blame just on my mom. He also denies that she is a drug addict even though she is in prison for her drug usage and selling them.

I go through all types of emotions...sad, happy, angry, despair, loneliness and abandonment issues as well including HUGE issues with TRUST.

One time....I was playing a game w/my parents...Craps....My own dad tried to trick me out of what I had won...thank God my mom had been AWAKE at that moment and told him NO! you pay her...of course later i know why....she borrowed (was holding) the money for me and I guess she needed it so I am not too keen on letting people hold my items for any length of time.

It was almost time for Prom and she spent my money on items she should have as my parent bought for me....or at least asked me....Honey, I am short on $$ if you want or need will have to kick in for know, given me a heads up, a choice. I mean, I have to live with my aunt (JM) for about a year...before that i lived with my other aunt who lived in Texas them moved to Virginia so I had to travel all the way through the state of Tennessee just to get there!!! Then i had to go alllllll the way back to where my other aunt lives (JM) all over again. I cant see mr father because of what a horribal parent he is and when my mom gets back, I cant live with her untill I finnish school here where I am now... I'm just so sad about all of this and to think that your mother is in prison it makes it even worse!