Friday, October 2, 2009

A Horribal Weekend.

Oh great...another horribal weekend.The only thing i need is some vacation and some time away frome my two lil sisters, (drama queen...phyico) and a lil time to myself...

I cant wait till Halloween comes by, although i wanted to be something that was dead....

instead I'm stuck with being a gypsy, just my luck....ah, oh well... at least I'm not going as myself with no costume at all.

i had a horrible day at school today... i asked gunner if he was one of Jerry's kids and because he was bullying Eric who is nothing but a hopeless kid who smells very bad (no offence) and had probably been bullied since he was in kindergarten.
i feel so sorry for him so that's why i stuck up for him because i was once like that too. Anyways,
gunner said "who the #^@& is that???" then i said....
"He is this one guy who makes fundraisers for mental challenged people."
Of course he came back with this great come-back that i should have seen coming... then i got burned....
Then, i was fooling around with my friend and got in trouble by the bus driver when my friend knew i was just playing.
Finally, i came home. You wouldn't believe what i was playing with my sister (phsico) on chess and well apparently, she has issues to where she loses, she goes crazy and quits...well i told her that she cant move the pawn to attack sideways or up and down, well then she got mad and about issues.
Well, i shouldn't be talking...i have major issues, but still.

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  1. another horrible weekend? I guess the going out to eat, or Branson, MO or outtings we take as a family is horrible as well?
    Maybe you should try to focus on better instead of bad...its ok to mention bad...but remember good too as well in same piece...ok?
    Chin will be over b4 you know it.

    <3 you muches!