Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Dance

Omg!!! I had a dance not to long ago and I was the only formal dressed person there!!! It was really emberissing....
On the bright side thogh, this one guy commented on how cute I was. I blushed...hehe. Lol, since I wasnt dressed right, I diddnt dance at friend forced me to LOL!!!
Anyway, my mom has a boyfriend which I am angry about becuse she has been writing to him every week and we got five letters total forme her in six weeks!!! Hopefully she will write in the next couple of days, probably not.
Sometimes I just get so angry at her that I just have to write on Cloaked in Emotions. Oh!!! And I almost forgot! I have a new friend on facebook, im not going to say names or anything but she is like my most awsomest friend ever!!! My aunt says that maybe when she gets to know her parents and her, she will let her spend the night with me...I cant wait!!
Ok, well thats all I have to say for now but not forever!!! See you later!!!!

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