Thursday, October 1, 2009

About my life....

Well, let me start out with my life, I'm just a simple teen who has been neglected by my mother (Pill Popper)...before we came to my aunts (JM) house, I've been living with my mom who is a drug addict.

You wouldn't believe all the times she has been passed out in bed with my sisters ( Drama Queen and Psycho.) From all the drugs she has been on...literally PASSED OUT!

Then there is my dad (Strike Out) who has been doing nothing to help my mom, get our house live able again or be there for me and my sisters.....and keeps putting ALL the blame just on my mom. He also denies that she is a drug addict even though she is in prison for her drug usage and selling them.

I go through all types of emotions...sad, happy, angry, despair, loneliness and abandonment issues as well including HUGE issues with TRUST.

One time....I was playing a game w/my parents...Craps....My own dad tried to trick me out of what I had won...thank God my mom had been AWAKE at that moment and told him NO! you pay her...of course later i know why....she borrowed (was holding) the money for me and I guess she needed it so I am not too keen on letting people hold my items for any length of time.

It was almost time for Prom and she spent my money on items she should have as my parent bought for me....or at least asked me....Honey, I am short on $$ if you want or need will have to kick in for know, given me a heads up, a choice. I mean, I have to live with my aunt (JM) for about a year...before that i lived with my other aunt who lived in Texas them moved to Virginia so I had to travel all the way through the state of Tennessee just to get there!!! Then i had to go alllllll the way back to where my other aunt lives (JM) all over again. I cant see mr father because of what a horribal parent he is and when my mom gets back, I cant live with her untill I finnish school here where I am now... I'm just so sad about all of this and to think that your mother is in prison it makes it even worse!

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  1. yes my darling is horrible but then again it is a true learning expeirence where you can grow....understand how you NEVER want to be and fix it so you never walk down the same path as your mother...besides...what she lacked as a will be such a better mother from it for your children one day...So, thank your lucky have Family who want to help...friends you make easily and lessons to learn and be a better person..for that is truly a rare gift.
    Sometimes life isn't fair, nor is it routine...Its randomness and chaos...and its life...Beautiful eh? LOL
    <3 you Girlie